Types and ideas of content for Instagram

If you want to grow your account but have only recently started, it makes sense to buy instagram followers. After that, you can start using our tips for finding content. This will help you attract the attention of a live audience and gradually make your account more popular.

Content types

Many SMM specialists and digital marketers tend to talk about four types of content for social networks:

  1. Selling content is a kind of foundation on which your social media sales will be built. 
  2. Informational content is content that helps build your reputation as an expert and expose your product from new angles. While the goal of selling content is to make money, the goal of informational content is to benefit, virally sharing your posts.
  3. Entertainment content, or content that helps keep your audience entertained. Entertaining content encourages audience engagement and helps create an image of a real, live person.
  4. Combined content as a symbiosis of several types of text at once.

We’ve also compiled a list of interesting ideas to help diversify your content, provoking a stream of likes, comments and reposts from your loyal subscribers.

  • Recommendations. Recommendations are always popular. Tried a delicious breakfast at a new restaurant? Tell your audience about it! Been able to build a cool business? Tell them what literature, courses or trainings helped you do it! People love useful and informative posts, are happy to keep them and thank you.
  • Reviews or comparisons. These can be your author’s reviews in video or text format, or they can be reviews from your customers. Such materials will increase the author’s level of expertise as well as loyalty among customers.
  • Infographics or statistics on the topic of the blog. Preferably, colorful and vivid. Such visual information is absorbed, remembered and analyzed by the brain much easier than printed text;
  • Discussions and arguments. Discussions are a great way to attract, interest and retain subscribers, but be careful, the line between popularity and public hatred is too thin.
  • Quotes and motivation. People like both, because no matter how you look at it, Instagram is a “success” network.
  • Guest post announcements and re-announcements of successful posts. You can brag about your great article poured into a cool informational resource.
  • Write about a useful case study or offer some ready-made solution to a problem. Such content is perfectly retained by users.
  • Various ratings and lists. This is not necessarily a trivial list of movies for Saturday night, it can also be your personal top places in your favorite city and more.
  • The story behind the creation of the business or that particular page. Long reads are only good when dosed, so try to break up the information into a series of posts on a topic.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Ask your subscribers for advice or ask them to write their own suggestions for the content on your page.

Most importantly, use your imagination and forget the templates and frameworks that hold you back. Be yourself, don’t be afraid to express your personal opinion and show your personality through the content shown on your page. You can certainly buy 1 million instagram followers and immediately make your account very attractive to many new visitors. But you should still think about how you will attract a live audience and keep them interested. There are many excellent opportunities, and you should use them. Instagram can open up a lot of opportunities for you if you start using its potential in the right way. Use our tips and develop your Instagram account.