How to choose a good service for developing a mobile app

When choosing a developer, pay attention to the reviews, similar projects in the portfolio, and the cost of the work. Here are the criteria you should consider when choosing a contractor.  


People write and talk about a reliable contractor. Reviews and video reviews on the website and in social networks, participation in android app development ratings, a long period of existence in the market – all this indicates that the contractor has received recognition from customers and colleagues and knows his business well.


If developers have already done a similar app, they know all the pitfalls and understand how to optimize the process. This will allow them to incorporate the experience of their predecessors and reduce development costs. Pay attention to who will make the app. Some studios hire freelancers for every project – not a good practice. Trust those who have their own development staff. 


Compare the amount that the contractor wants with the price tags of other companies in the IT market. This will help you understand how adequately the contractor estimates his work. As a result you will not overpay for development and will not work with those who are ready to make an application for a suspiciously low price and most likely will not show the necessary result.


Is the contractor willing to connect you to communicate with the team? Will they give you access to a task tracker to estimate the time it takes to do the work? Will you get access to the source code? The more transparent the relationship between the customer and contractors, the more likely the product will be successful. 


Pay attention to how quickly the contractor prepared a quote and how quickly the manager answered questions. This helps you understand how the contractor’s processes work. If everything was clear at the stage of discussing the project, it is likely to be so at the development stage as well.

What is the risk of choosing the wrong developer?

Choosing developers who do not have the necessary knowledge and experience to create a working product, you run the risk of setting incorrect goals, procrastination with the development and getting an application that does not work. Here are the risks.

  • Unworkable product. The biggest risk is to spend time and money but get an app that works intermittently, doesn’t simplify your business, and doesn’t meet your original goals. When choosing an implementer, it’s worth considering the scope of his or her work. For example, if you need a product in the area of finance, you should look for a fintech software development company. 
  • Failure to meet deadlines. Inexperienced contractors are unable to evaluate the work adequately: they assure the client that they will make the application twice as fast and cheaper than other development studios. This happens because developers do not fully understand the complexities of the project.
  • Incorrect goal setting or lack thereof. Before developing an application, the client company should have a clear goal. However, many customers do not set specific goals before they start: their competitors have an application, so we need it too. 
  • Difficult communication with developers. When communicating with developers, it is important to observe the golden mean: to keep everything under control, but not to act as a dictator. 
  • Rejection of testing. Some customers want to save money and reduce their testing budgets. This leads to unfortunate consequences. If you abandon testing, bugs will appear in your application that will affect the product’s performance.