The main issues that cause you not to raise the rank in CS:GO

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about the top five mistakes that make you fail to raise your rank in CS:GO. Of course, you can always blame your teammates who can be toxic, can’t throw grenades, or even kill their own. However, let’s be honest, it’s not always your opponents that are the main problem.

Very often novice players just don’t notice their mistakes. The goal of our article today is to talk about such mistakes and try to suggest what to pay attention to in order to finally stop being a player. If you want to relax, there are a lot of great csgo case opening sites right now.

Armor in the first round

A popular mistake many players make in beginner rounds is not buying armor in pistol rounds. Often beginners prefer to buy a better pistol, such as the Desert Eagle, or just save their money for the next round. Nevertheless, armor in CS:GO is very important. To give you an example: shooting an opponent without armor in the body with a Glock 18, you will need three bullets to kill him. If you’re shooting at your opponent who has armor, you’ll need 6-7 bullets to kill him. The difference is noticeable, isn’t it?

Incorrect movements

Being able to move well is what separates a good player from a bad one. In order to stop playing on the Silver rating, you need to learn proper movements. Movements are especially important in pistol rounds, as you and your opponent have more time to kill. In order to move properly, you need to learn how to crouch from side to side, crouch sometimes, and do jumps. In doing so, you should always try to hit your opponent in the head. If you stand still or, even worse, always crouch in pistol rounds, you become an easier target for the enemy.

Spray Control

There are often times when you don’t need the spray at all, and you can take your opponent down with a few accurate shots. It is important to feel that line. At the same time, you should not forget about how the spread of bullets works. For example, a big mistake many players make is spraying too early. That is, the player takes a few shots, does not wait until the sight is down, and starts spraying. Obviously, in this case, all the bullets will fly upwards. 

Position of the sight

Another important point that every beginner should pay attention to is the position of the sight. This aspect of shooting is probably the most important in CS:GO, it gives a huge advantage in the game. Remember that your aim must always be at the level of your enemy’s head. Also, you should remember some default positions, where your opponents often crouch down, so in these places, you need to keep your sights lower. That being said, don’t forget that your sight should always be in the place where your opponent will come out of. So there is no need to look at the wall and aim at your enemy if you know that he is about to attack you.

Push for CT

A huge mistake most players make is wanting to finish the match as quickly as possible. Very often beginners can’t wait for good timings and start pushing the attacking side without any information. Of course, always sitting on defense is also wrong, but constant pushing becomes predictable for your opponents, so try to approach defense wisely.

Why is it so important? Open kill is always a big plus for the terrorist side, as the fewer players on the map, the easier it is for the attacking team to go in and plant a bomb. So if you do like to push, don’t do it often and unexpectedly. Otherwise, you’ll just be setting up your team.

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