Production of mechanical locks

Production of reliable door locks in our difficult times is a business that demands great responsibility and corresponding resources: both financial and human. In order to set up production of high-quality locks – protection from uninvited guests, bad weather and outside noise, you need to make a business plan, which includes many important points, both financial and organizational part of production and marketing products. It is necessary to think through every point to detail, so as not to miss the slightest nuance, without which the business can not become truly productive and profitable. If you want to take a closer look at the necessary equipment, you can do it here.

Any business plan starts on paper, you need to remember that. Spontaneous actions, as a rule, will not lead to anything good. Of course, it is not always possible to anticipate absolutely all the costs and negative aspects, even by acting on the plan. Another, no less serious argument as to why undesirable deviations can happen in the process of implementing items is the financial budget of the project, as well as how much time of day you decide to devote to the cause. When you’re trying to do something big, you need to invest more money and more time. If the resources are not so much, the best solution – the organization of the mini-workshop.


For the successful placement of production equipment and comfortable conditions and quality work should have a room that will be as close to these requirements. First, if it will be a shop, must comply with all safety rules of work in these conditions. This means that a simple apartment space in a high-rise apartment building is not suitable. You need an isolated area, well ventilated, with good fire protection. 

Taking into account the number of units of technical tools, jobs, the availability of free space between the machines for ease of work, as well as the availability of space for all necessary communications, according to the requirements, calculated area of the room. It is necessary to take into account not only the useful production area, but also administrative space for management of production, marketing, accounting and other, if such are provided in this business.

It is best to buy a room for the shop, selecting it with all the necessary parameters in mind. But it may happen that not everything in it will meet your expectations or technical requirements, or it can happen that you like absolutely everything, except the price. In order to avoid high costs, the room for the business is better to rent. Moreover, if suddenly the business for some reason will not be profitable, or, conversely, will need to expand, you will not waste time selling the old and buying new space.

Equipment and production technology

The materials for door locks producing are usually qualitative and firm metals that won’t be subjected to mechanical affect during lock opening. This is especially important in this production, because the low quality raw materials allow burglars to open doors as easily as a tin can. Therefore, the raw material should be purchased only from proven, reputable manufacturers who value their reputation. 

Machines for making locks:

  • equipment for plasma metal cutting; 
  • machine for grinding metal;
  • machine for metal bending;
  • welding machine;
  • metal milling machine;
  • lathe;
  • auxiliary tools for manual work. 

In addition to production equipment, you need office, communications, definitely need to install ventilation and fire protection systems. You can buy equipment at the site.