Jewelry in 2021

In ancient times, exclusive jewelry was an indicator of high status, magic protection, amulets and a charm. Today designers put the main emphasis on aesthetics and attractiveness of precious things. Jewelry fashion has always striven for maximum refinement, sophistication, variety, which would be able to take into account people’s tastes. To date, there are three main styles of jewelry – classic, avant-garde and folklore. Most of the jewelry in one way or another belong to these styles. They are varied and diverse, and every year the world’s collections of jewelry are replenished with new amazing pieces.

What exclusive jewelry will be fashionable in 2021?

The main feature of the jewelry this year is the size. Large, eye-catching rings, earrings, pendants are in fashion again. And, now it is not necessary to choose the jewelry clearly under the color of clothing.

  • Brooches. A highlight of the season will be brooches, which are attached practically everywhere: on beads, necklaces, etc. This is a wonderful decoration, but you must be careful with it: it is important to observe the balance. One beautiful brooch can become an accent of the whole image or spoil it.
  • Earrings with pendants are another peak of the season. Such earrings are loved by many women for their amazing ability to create a romantic lightweight image. Rings and bracelets. In 2021, the latest trend will be large royal rings with stones. The main criteria for the rings and bracelets are the large size, retro-style, animal images, massive and bright.
  • Motifs. The most popular motifs will be flora and fauna – leopard pendants, floristics, African motifs, pendants in the form of animal figures continue to retain their popularity, being both a great decoration and a symbol (elephant – wealth, panther – impetuosity, etc.). Snakes, flowers and beetles are at the peak of popularity.
  • Beads, chains. In 2021, jewelry fashion largely repeats the dynamics of last season. This means that the multi-layered chains, beads did not lose relevance. And you can see it on many social evenings or presentations (these beads are preferred by Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama and other celebrities). The only novelty was the large size of chains and beads.

In addition to the above-mentioned novelties of this season, we want to dwell separately on the classic jewelry, which has long become an integral part of the image of many women. You can find the best jewelry at