How to choose vitamins

If you want to pick up medication for hiv or other medicines, you need to find a professional store with medicines. In this store you can also find vitamins to strengthen your body. Vitamins are divided into natural and synthetic. Both are useful, but the natural ones are better assimilated, which means the treatment course will be shorter and more effective.

Synthetic vitamins

The cheapest are synthetic vitamins, which are produced chemically in the laboratory. Examples are the usual ascorbins and vitamin E capsules. They are poorly absorbed because they consist of chemicals in their pure form and do not bind with organics. The benefit from the course will be, but much less than from more expensive options.

Semi-synthetic complexes

There are complexes that include minerals in chelate or citrate form for easier assimilation by the body. The active ingredient in such cases, such as iron, is combined with amino acids. Often such complexes do bring more visible results. Also more bioavailable are vitamin and mineral complexes with supplements. Natural ingredients are added to the preparations: extracts of dried vegetables, berries, fruits, herbs, as well as enzymes and bioflavonoids. These vitamins are more expensive than pure synthetic vitamins, but they give better results.

Natural vitamins

Plant-based fermented vitamins are labeled as RAW vitamins. This name means a completely natural composition – there should be no synthetic vitamins here, each component of the complex is extracted from natural raw materials. In addition, they are not subjected to heat treatment and freezing. Usually this is the most expensive group of vitamin and mineral complexes, represented by only a few manufacturers. The price does not always guarantee the quality of the product. You should carefully read the composition and look at the reviews of people who have already taken this product, and be sure to consult your doctor.

When mono preparations are useful

In order to strengthen the immune system in the fall or to solve local problems, you can take years of proven inexpensive mono preparations of vitamins. You can use the best place to buy vitamins online to find them.

  • Vitamin A, or retinol, strengthens the hair and is involved in the regeneration of the skin, accelerates the growth of nails and hair. It is necessary to maintain visual acuity. It is worth bearing in mind that vitamin A in the body is dissolved with fats, so there is no point in taking it during a strict diet.
  • B vitamins strengthen the nervous system, are involved in metabolic processes. Especially useful to take them for people who are prone to a seasonal decline of strength and mood, fatigue and hard work.
  • Vitamin D is produced by the body itself, but only under the influence of sunlight. Therefore, in the fall, when the daylight hours become much shorter and cloudier, you should take a useful element in drops. This allows you to adjust the dosage. The use of vitamin D is a reliable protection against acute respiratory viral infections in the fall, because it significantly increases the immunity level. In this case, a single dose of ultra-high doses of vitamin D has no effect on the body’s resistance to colds, while regular daily use of lower doses has a positive effect on the immune system. Adequate levels of vitamin D intake can help strengthen the body and make it resilient.
  • Vitamin E benefits the reproductive system, regulates hormone levels, and promotes hair and nail growth.

If you want to start taking vitamins, you need to do it right. If you make mistakes with the doses of vitamins, the results can be negative.