Tren-Mix is a composite preparation of 3 trenbolones: a mix of acetate, hexahydrobenzyl carbonate and enanthate . Due to the verified composition of substances, it has a strong both anabolic and androgenic effect, for sports purposes it is recommended exclusively to athletes who are experienced in the use of sportspharm. 


The drug can be characterized as an analogue of Sustanon 250 / Omnadren 250, in which trenbolone is taken as the main active ingredient instead of testosterone. As well as a mixture of esters of testosterone, a mix of trenbolone is specially designed to provide the most powerful, smooth and long actions of the steroid.

The effect of Tren-Mix on t is a pronounced, but high-quality growth of muscles, fat burning , the development of stiffness and relief of muscles, plus, an increase in strength potential, efficiency and endurance of the user, increased appetite, sexual activity and aggression with a predisposition. Importantly, trenbolone is a non-aromatizing steroid, so the mix does not cause fluid retention or fat gain as side effects.

Tren- Mix (200mg / ml, 10ml), due to its broad spectrum of action, is a topical preparation for various tasks of athletes (including strength, mass-gathering and drying courses). Relevant for virtually any physical sport, from athletics to bodybuilding, but only recommended for men. For women, the threat is posed by the androgenic side effect (virilization), which is expressed by symptoms of coarsening of the voice, hair growth, aggression, acne and others.

Possible side effects of Tren-Mix : androgenic and progestin -like, such as decreased testosterone production, insomnia, acne , oily skin, increased libido during the course and decreased after, gynecomastia in men, and so on. With a heavy course of a steroid, cabergoline (the drug Dostinex or similar) is perfectly connected for the purpose of eliminating progestin side effects, which can be bought in a pharmacy. Details on the website:


The recommended doses of Tren- Mix are on average 200-400 mg (1-2 ml) per week (divided into several applications on different days for even exposure). The drug works for a long time, but in order to avoid the steroid pit, it requires injections more often than once a week (in particular, a weekly dosage of 200-400 mg can be effectively divided into injections of 100-200 mg on Monday and Friday).

Tren- Mix is a powerful enough steroid anabolic and androgen for solo use, however, for optimal results, it is preferable to use it in combination with other AAS topical in sports, such as testosterone, methandienone, boldenone, stanozolol, oxandrolone or methenolone. 

Depending on the preparation tasks efficiently and relatively harmless combined with a variety of steroids properties, and to not include the recommended advantageously combination with sportfarmoy also amplifying progestin activity (like nandrolone phenylpropionate and decanoate , oral or injectable oxymetholone).

The Tren-Mix course lasts on average up to 8 weeks, which is enough for most users to achieve maximum progress. It is important to understand that the required dosages, like the frequency and timing of use, are selected individually, otherwise they may be insufficient or, conversely, excessive.

Athletes’ reviews often praise Tren- Mix, mentioning the maximum results obtained, and not the side effects of the application. With the right approach, it more than pays for its own risks and even more so the price.